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Brian Law’s        Woodenclocks
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Collins-British Tree Guide

Tiny Timbers

American Hardwood info

The Woodexplorer

Hearne Hardwoods US

Uk Workshop Wood Suppliers





Cutting speed Chart

Universal Laser Inc

Clock Designers and their plans

Clayton Boyer

John Wilding

Peg and Gear

Mark Tovar

Wooden gear Clocks

Dug North

Woodworking Clock Plans

Eric Freitas

Phil Abernethy  

Pendulum calculations

Gear Formulae

BHI Hints and Tips

Ian T Cobb

Phil Coleman

Absolutly Free Plans

Clock Museum

Bily Brothers Clock Museum

Wooden Clocks group on Facebook

Clock General

Lists of Clock Sites


Escapement animations

History of Wooden Clocks


History of Clocks - Timeline