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Automata - Projectile lift

Projectile-Lift-2-p1.jpg Projectile-Lift-2-p2.jpg

This was a bit of fun for me, its clearly not a clock but a mechanism for using in Automata or Ball Rolling machines. I had this idea in mind for a while where you could lift a ball or marble a great distance in one go rather that tediously moving it a step at a time, so I set about designing this projectile lift where the ball is moved by a spring over a distance dependant on spring power and initial angle. The trick is to make the release is as consistent as possible so the ball is always fired with the same force. The release mechanism used does this (most of the time) so it has been incorporated into this small rig that uses a Coke bottle top to catch the ball, it has a rolling gate to release the balls into the ball guide at the right time and a balance gate at the top to collect a set number of balls before releasing them to return.

Click on the illustrations opposite to download a couple of drawings that explain the operation.

There is also a scale drawing so anyone can have a go and develop the idea within there own ball machine. Click here to download the PDF file.

Projectile lift ball profiles Projectile lift Profiles.DWG

Download PDF files

Download DXF files