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Brian Law’s        Woodenclocks
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Clock 8 with a Quartz mechanism

This has been designed for all those visitors to the web site who want a unique timepiece, that they can quickly build themselves, and utilise the latest quartz technology to drive the clock with extreme accuracy.The design is simple with a front and back plate plus a dial board held to together with glued spacers and dowels. The dials can be purchased from any number of places on the web either as brass dials or chapter rings or paper dials that are cut out and glued to the dial board. I have included designs for three dials and suggestions for a couple of others with the plans.The movements can be standard quartz type with two or three hands, or they can be more elaborate featuring chimes or even a pendulum. They are fitted in the same way with a nut on the drive spindle of the movement holding the unit to the dial board.  The design does its best to hide the movement within the front and dial plate, with adjustment and battery changes being enabled by a large hole in the back plate.

Clock 8B-PR-2.PDF Clock 8B Profile layouts.DXF

Click here to download the DXF files

Click here to download the Drawing files