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Clock 46 – Book Nook

Clock 46 Book nooks are spaces on your book shelf occupied by small Dioramas that bring to life the scenes and creatures that normally occupy the pages of the books that surround them. Today though we are going to do something slightly different and bring to life a time machine with clock face and gears reminiscent of the Steam punk era. In truth a small 3D printed clock driven by a steel clock spring and a small pendulum, it is lit from the top with a short length of LED lights powered by a 9volt battery. My version created here has a space at the rear that can be used for adding more furniture and fittings normally available from Dolls house suppliers at 1/12 scale. I have added a simple Mirror to the prototype to show of the gears and pendulum from the rear.

The clock will run for 6.5 hours and should be capable of running to an accuracy of +/- 5 minutes in that time.

STL and STP Files that can be used with your 3D printer or CNC machine can be downloaded here.

Assembly drawings and Photo’s of the prototype can be downloaded here.

To view the assembly instructions for the clock download here.