Best place to find a plan for
building a wooden clock.

Gallery of Photo’s from Wooden Clock builders

I have added this gallery to showcase the work of the many clock builders who have sent me photographs of their finished clocks. At the moment it contains only the most recent submissions, but I shall add to these as I contact those builders that have sent me photographs in the past for their permission to include them here.

If you have a photograph of your clock even if it is only work in progress please send it in , and I will include it here with your name and email address.

Flickr Page
with Woodenclock photo’s of clocks
built by woodenclock enthusiasts.

Clock Builders comments.

Firstly I would like to thank you for the time you have spent on the clocks. They are amazingly beautiful: Hannes Maritz

I just want to say off the bat ‘wow! Your clocks are amazing!’ I’m also grateful that your not charging an arm and a leg for your plans: TJ Barton

I just saw it on You tube nicely done as usual Rolf Beuttenmuller

Thank you for this amazing design, I am enjoying the processes tremendously: Eugene Van Dyk

I just contact you to congratulate you for your work. It’s really fascinating. I also like the Leonardo Da Vinci’s models: Juan Manuel Viso

Your work is truly inspiring. the precision, the high resolution details and the neat order are fascinating: Elyasaf Shweka

Have just been having a look around your fascinating website. I am a Design and Technology teacher in a secondary school: Daniel Currigan

What a delight your site is! You must have expended as much time documenting these fascinating clocks as you did building them: Jeff Thompson