Best place to find a plan for
building a wooden clock.

DXF files available

If you require the DXF files for any of the clocks on the site then go to the page for the clock that you require, where you will find the DXF files listed along with model files for the newer clocks. The files can be used to produce Gcode so that you can machine the profiles on CNC machine.

If you are concerned about starting a large clock building project then you might want to try this simple gear cutting exercise first, the DXF files are free to download and try in your Cam software. Just a Gear and a Pinion mounted on a simple frame for you to practice on.

The file has some dimensions in dual metric and imperial formats so as to allow you to check the correct import into your system. The holes and pins are Ø6 mm but can be drilled out to 1/4” if you are working in imperial.

It doesn’t do much much when it’s finished, but if it runs freely when pinned together then your good to go.

Its real purpose is to give you the confidence to try a larger clock project but also allows you to test different woods and different combinations of feeds and speeds to optimise your machining.

You can download a sample here.